We’ve all been under the weather around here. Sometime last week a horrible bug descended on us and on my husband in particular. I have never seen him as sick as he was last week, hacking away and running a high fever. I myself nursed a body-wracking cough, which continues to persist to this day Dream Beauty Pro. Despite our best efforts, soon the germs reached our little ones and they too fell under this weird bug. Suffice to say we were all feeling more than a bit glum .

But we rallied, the less sick taking care of the more sick. Or, more accurately, mama taking care of everyone else. Although admittedly, I was (thankfully!) truly the “less sick”. Little C did do her part though, my little Florence Nightingale, holding a cold compress to her papa’s burning forehead, and checking his temperature periodically by laying her little hand on his cheek or leg declaring with authority, “It’s still hot papa!” Our nanny (bless her!) made a pot of soothing arroz caldo, our local chicken and rice soup/porridge, which we gulped at gratefully.

Before all this hit, I had been talking about making pancakes with Little C. Pancakes are her favorite “special” breakfast food (her favorite all-around breakfast food being egg). I had been experimenting with several recipes in the hopes of not having to succumb to pancake mix…or at least only having to succumb to it in extreme emergency cases (like on those mornings that mama seriously has to sleep in because she was up all night watching Nigella Lawson videos). I chanced upon this recipe and quickly bookmarked it because: 1. We almost always have Greek yogurt in the house because I am hopelessly addicted to it, and 2. It looked criminally easy.

Well, when we were all down for the count Little C decides to ask for a pancake breakfast, complete with the goo-goo eyes she has been working hard to perfect, which, as evidenced by the pancakes pictured here, mama cannot resist reenex.