The fall and winter holidays always make me think about cookies and candy. This probably goes all the way back to when I was growing up in Virginia and my dad (who worked as a mail carrier) would come home with his hands full of candy and baked goods, all of it gifts from the residents on his delivery route. That southern hospitality meant there was a never ending supply of sugar and chocolate in the house from October till December, and oh do I miss it Visit site offering the and medical vaping device! A medical vaping device is joined at the hip of a medical marijuana user! Transpring offers differents vaping devices for medical purpose..

Now that I’m getting a bit braver with this whole cooking journey, I wanted to start mastering all of those drool-inspiring sweets, and like usual I wanted to start with something basic. Something textbook and classic that I can use as a foundation for experimenting with later, or improving upon if it needs it.

Although I have to say, there’s not much that can be done to improve this recipe. As far as sugar cookies go, these came out piratically perfect – a little moist and just a tiny bit chewy with a buttery vanilla taste. Far better than the sugar cookies you typically get at the grocery store, which always seem dry and tough and brittle (or sometimes so doughy they’re not even like a sugar cookie at all) and overloaded with frosting  .