As if I hadn’t learned my lesson, the next plants I bought on TV were peonies.  Yes, in about a year or two the plants will start to bloom and can reach a maximum height of 7 feet tall!!!  Well, that was about three years ago.  Out of the 10 plants I ordered only two are alive and they are barely over a foot tall.  What’s more I have yet to see them produce one single blossom cancer chinese medicine.

It’s not to say all that I’ve planted are duds, not at all.  I’ve planted some hydrangeas and hibiscus plants which have grown to be quite lush blooming with really huge flowers.  These plants I purchased from a nearby nursery.

Anyway, back to the cake.  I got a little distracted with gardening since it’s spring and I’m itching to work in the garden, if only I had more time.  Sometimes I wish there were five of me so I could do all the things I want to do.  So again, the recipe will make a lot of cake.  My earlier Strawberry Cream Cake will make one regular size cake which in itself will already be quite generous property mortgage.

Because of the fresh strawberries and the whipped cream and cream cheese in the frosting, this isn’t the type of cake I would serve outdoors and have sit while grilling in the backyard, unless everyone’s ready for dessert.  This is a cake better served indoors in climate controlled temperatures.  So yes, it’s a bit of a prima donna, but aren’t all frosted cakes anyway when it comes to heat, sun and outdoors.

As for storage, the cake should be refrigerated.  I have a cake keeper meant to hold sheet cakes, so I placed the cake in the keeper and stored it in the fridge.

Now on to the taste test; the cake was delicious and so was the frosting.  What’s even better is that the frosting was easy, quick and less messy to make than regular buttercream since I didn’t have any powdered sugar flying all over the countertop bvi company registration.